Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Instant Cash Payment up to $9999. Free Car Removal and Free Towing Service. Sell Old, Used, Unwanted Cars. Car Dismantling and Scrap Auto Parts.
  • Q: How much money will I get for my vehicle?

    Ans: Every removal company has got its own way of the evaluation. No two company will pay you the same amount of money for the vehicle. Hover, if you deal with us, we will make sure that you are begin paid to the optimum level. You will have to provide us with all the relevant data and information. After observing and considering all the information, a rough sketch value for the vehicle is being quoted from our side.
  • Q: Will your company buy the car of any condition?

    Ans: Yes, our company is ready to take a car of any condition. Even if it would be in a non-operating state, it will not be a concern for us. We buy all the wrecked, junk, damaged, and even accidental vehicles.
  • Q: What the company accepts varieties and type of vehicles?

    Ans: We accept vehicles of all type and varieties belonging to any brand name.
  • Q: How much is towing cost to borne by the customer?

    Ans: The company will bear the entire expense relating to the towing. Hence, our customers do not need to worry about the towing or any administration cost.
  • Q: My car is not in a running condition. Will it fetch me money?

    Ans: Well, the condition of the car is never a concern for us. So, even if it is not in a running condition. Our company makes sure that you are being paid maximum value for the vehicle.
  • Q: After how much time will you provide cash for the car?

    Ans: We provide you with the facility of instant cash. We do not hold any clash and confusion record with our any customers for the money matters. We follow a very fair and transparent policy relating to the payments.
  • Q: How will I get a quotation from the company?

    Ans: If you are interested even to deal with us and know about the company policy, you must ping us. You get to make use of the website to avail the contact details. You can call us and provide all the needful information. You can even mail us to provide all the vehicle-related information. We will provide you with the quotation and let you know the maximum value your vehicle will fetch you.
  • Q: Will there be an obligation to only trade with the company after asking for the quotation?

    Ans: No, be it any customer it is completely upon his personal choice whether he wishes to deal with us. Even after seeking for the quotation from the company aspect, we never compel any of our customers to deal with us. Even no charges are imposed for the quotation asked on the customers if they do not show any interest for the further deal.
  • Q: What are the documents which I will have to produce to sell my vehicle to your company?

    Ans: Well, when you are coming to sell your vehicle, we will probably check the valid identification documents held by you. You even need to produce all the important legal documents of the vehicle along with the title certificates. However, even if you fail to submit in all the papers properly, then proper documentation work will be done from the company side. This would make the entire selling procedure to be legal, which would probably override all the liabilities.
  • Q: Will my junk car even be able to provide me with instant cash?

    Ans: Yes, even if your car is in a junk position, we will make sure that you are being provided with ample amount of money which could be derived from your vehicle. As soon as the consent is provided for the proposal made from the company side, we will make sure that you are being paid instant cash in hand or the amount is credited in your bank account.
  • Q: How long will it take for the processing of the entire work?

    Ans: You will really be surprised by the quick response made by the people of our company. At every level, our team members will ensure quick work without any delay. Even once the consent for the proposal will be made from your side, our people will locate you. They will tow the vehicle just within a couple of hours.
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